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Reviewing First The Pocket Drone FQ777-124

The FQ777-124 is a quad that is cheap. For less than $20 you get a enormous fun quad that is doable to fly in home or out doors.




Made by Sbego:

 The mini drone it self (included a 3.7V 100mAh battery);
Remote Controller;
2 sets of propellers;
Propeller protection frame;
3pcs of landing skids;
USB battery charging cable;
FQ777-124 user manual.

Channel: 4CH Gyro: 6 axis Flight time: 5-6mins Control distance: 50m

Recharging time: 20mins Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 100MAH/25C Battery for transmitter:

4XAA(not included) Product size: 70*70*30mm(Quadcopter)140*85*40mm(controller)

FQ777-124 Pocket Drone features

Unique and ingenious design;
Extremely small size, 70mm including the protection frame;
Headless mode;
One key return to home;
LED lights;
Dual mode remote controller (mode 1 and mode 2);
Up to 5+ minutes of play time.

MODE1&MODE2 switch
CF mode (headless mode)
one key return
360°rolling action 3D Flip

Fly forward/ backforward/ left/right/left side/ right side/up/down

Are you a beginner on flying quads?

Well let me explain why I think this great quad will blow your mind.


Let us start with a Video on the FQ777-124


Link Here To buying at Banggood
Special Price Just Now – Gearbest Free Shipping

The FQ777 is my second pocket quad I have bought, the first being the Cheerson CX-10 which got me hooked on tiny pocket drones..Basically they are the same only a few different things in design, will explain below as we review this quad.

Good And Bad Points Of The Pocket Drone FQ777-124


  • Great compact remote controller to store quad (you have to take off quad guards to do this)
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Can charge from remote anywhere
  • Nearly indestructible with prop guards on

Well just a few pointers there.I like this drone for the reasons below:

You can charge from remote on the go, does not seem to drain the remote batteries to much depending how many times you charge from remote,also comes with usb charger for computer, which I use more often. One Tip on charging your quad………

Let the battery cool down after flight before recharging!

Reason being you will kill the battery fast, as it will bloat and not hold a charge, as a lipo battery it needs some respect.Try to give cooling down to 15 minutes.




Has a neat box remote to store the FQ777-124, but you have to take prop guards off to store the quad. In fact now I fly without prop guards or the plastic landing gear supplied.I found it flies faster with out the extra weight, also after heaps of crashes no damage to props at all. As a beginner you might feel better to leave the prop guards on until you get more proficient flying.


Flying And Setting Up Of FQ777-124

I guess a video here will help, then I will explain more in detail below

Some other points.

I feel the controls are a bit small, which means you have to use your thumb to control quad, realize now one can get different toggles (TX Sticks) that are higher to use and to me makes flying easier.

So Some good news, Banggood is supplying longer TX sticks you can switch by easily pulling off old ones and push new ones on.Click or tap photo to buy them.Well worth the extra $2.00


Photo Remote with extension TX sticks from Banggood


As above Banggood selling them now for $2.00  tap here.

Flying Tips

Just one point.When you see your quad flying and all lights flashing, time to land as a signal that battery going flat on the FQ777 and best not to drain battery to the last drop of power.

Also the red lights are forward of the quad and blue the rear, this helps in orientation when flying.

Binding The FQ777 To Remote

Main thing is to turn on drone first not the remote, then turn on remote and push throttle up and down again to bind, you will hear beep, all good to go.

How to reset Gyro if you are having problems flying, maybe after a bad crash

Turn the quadcopter and tx (remote) on and go through the bind process.Place the quadcopter on level ground (as flat as possible)
Bring both sticks to the lower right corners and hold until the LED’s blink. Release and wait for blinking to stop (max of about 3 seconds) This is explained better on manual which you can download further down the page.

Changing from default mode2 to mode1 on remote

I do like the ability to have headless mode, which means does not matter if you lose orientation. Back comes that way or front which ever way quad is pointing. Click photo to enlarge.


Also a problem I had was to be to heavy handed on opening up underneath remote to get to spare props etc, broke the clip, elastic band fixed that.That was my problem not remote.

I also like the ability to flip the quad by just pressing down on the right stick, sounds a beep and then move stick to either way you want the Pocket drone to flip.Click to enlarge.


Hi guys- just two things I have seen.

One thing when changing props understand they are clockwise and anti clockwise.The props or blades look different The thicker side goes with the wind flow, so as you take a prop off your quad look at the way it shows, maybe photos might help.

props rotation

Also the instructions say to turn on remote first then quad to bind, however this is not the case, turn on quad first then remote and to bind push throttle up and back, now ready to fly.

And never fly quad behind you as remote only will see signal from the front of remote.

Also here is a download of a bigger photo how to use the remote controls

Instruction Manual Scanned to Download

Would I Buy This Pocket Drone?

With out any doubt – YES

Buying Alternatives Are Below

For Free Shipping- Banggood

Free Shipping Also – Gearbest

Amazon Direct

Please check out all the options above.Reason offered should you want a FQ77-Drone, Amazon my favorite does not ship to all countries because of Lipo battery within the drone. Also there comes up specials on Gearbest and Banggood each week

Spare Parts are available with free shipping from Banggood-Tap Link

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